Dear JibJabbers,
It’s been a crazy few months. Thanks to your passing our link around the planet, 「THIS LAND」 became an international phenomenon. We didn’t spend a dime promoting it… we just sent it to you. You did all the rest. As a direct result of your efforts, Jay Leno invited us to make a second election animation for the Tonight Show. Despite the fact that we were terrified of following up THIS LAND, we dove in head first. The new piece is called “Good to be in DC!” We hope you like it, we hope it makes you laugh, and we hope you send it to every liberal wiener and right wing nut job in your contact manager!
Thanks for all of your support
ってなワケで・・・あちらでは、「JibJabber」は選挙の片棒を担いでいる「間抜け野郎」と呼ばれております。 あっはっは!

ジブジャブ製作の「THIS LAND」が大ヒットで、この度、「The Tonight Show with Jay Leno」のために、「選挙アニメ」第二弾「Good to be in DC!(ワシントン最高!)」を作ったそうだ。 
ここでで右の「Good to be in DC! Crick to Watch」をクリックして、役者勢ぞろいの新作を見てみよう! ←「JibJabber」なワタシ

例の「ゴー・ファキューセルフ!(自分でヤットレ!、黙れ!)」(副大統Dick Cheneyが民主党上院議員のPatrick Leahyに言っちゃた)も使われてます。

こちらはジブジャブ・ブログだって! アナタもJibJabber

by koukinobaaba | 2004-10-09 22:49 | 面白記事
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